Composition & Arrangement

the three following original compositions written for MarchFourth were included on their 2016 release "Magic Number". They feature a very brass and woodwind forward sound.


"New Day" is a colaboration with the great Mark De Clive-Lowe on keyboards and features multi-stacked trumpets, and original drum, bass and synth sequencing.


"Take Me Home" was written a few years ago for the funk/soul trio, Megatron, And has a very vintage 60's boogaloo vibe. this edit features a trumpet solo.


Getting the call from Walker Agency to write a one-minute modern brass arrangement of "Wind Beneath my Wings" in one day and then that same evening, go into the studio with four other musicians to record it for a television commercial is no easy task.


The two following pieces are part of a complete 90 minute show put on by Dream Science Circus entitled "Sleeping on the Ceiling". I composed recorded and live sequenced the entire show which included over 20 interludes and full performance numbers.