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Paul Theodore Chandler

Growing up in the rural Northwest corner of Washington State, His father a physics and natural science professor and his mother an accomplished pianist, teacher and organist, Paul began his path into music starting violin at the age of three. Next came the trumpet, the guitar, french horn, bass and drums, The piano was always around.  After performing in the high school jazz band, the community symphony, and playing in a few garage rock bands, Paul went on to pursue music at U.C. Santa Cruz where he discovered the electronic music program and was turned on to DJ and rave culture on the weekends in San Francisco.

Paul returned to his home state to attend Western Washington University and study jazz performance and arrangement with Chuck Israels while continuing to expand beyond his music performance background, taking the audio recording and engineering courses as well as being involved in the underground DJ scene. The next step on his musical journey was to be accepted into a one year diploma course from the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts in England where he studied everything from music production and engineering to music business and copyright law as well as held down several DJ residencies.

After returning to Western, Paul completed his degree, a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, and after some extensive world traveling, started his continuing career as a freelance musician, educator, composer, arranger, producer, director, DJ, engineer, and consultant. Having the freedom to choose with what projects to be involved, and to be able to focus on both his own work and that of others is a rare luxury and one that Paul has worked hard to earn through both his skillsets and talent and his reputation to be able to get the job done well.

Outside of music, Paul enjoys visual arts, photography and film. He is an adept outdoorsman and craftsman, whether setting up a giant structure at Burning Man, or running the plumbing & electrical while framing out a basement remodel. Paul has a love for travel and regional foods, beer and wine. But most of all he adores his amazing group of friends and family who support him to continue to think outside of the box and dwell in a place of constant creativity.